10 Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Providers
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10 Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Providers

Have you ever felt that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage your cloud services?

The chances are your multifunctional, internal team handling cloud management as one of the tasks may feel overwhelmed and may have dropped the wheel a few times. Or you have many missed out on some software updates that lead to lots of unproductive hours. 

We could go on and on about the drawbacks of managing the cloud all by yourself.

Now, let’s imagine a scenario when you have a well-experienced and adept team working solely on the cloud management of your business. How wonderful and efficient it would be!

In this blog, we’ll see in detail why you need to have cloud managed service providers.

10 Reasons Why You Need Managed Cloud Services

Many well-known companies are moving to cloud computing services due to the host of advantages it has. At LayerOne Networks, we have provided cloud management and security service for companies in and around Corpus Christi. We’ve seen both sides of it – with and without cloud service providers. Here’s why we recommend businesses to make use of managed cloud services:

  • 1. Flexible Cost Packages  

If we know from experience, most companies do not go to an external IT support and services provider due to tight budgets. But with cloud-managed services, you only need to pay for what you’re using. And therefore, it’s going to cost you very less compared to the in-house IT support and maintenance you have.

  • 2. No Infrastructure Costs

Can you imagine how much it’s going to cost to spend on the hardware infrastructure of a storage system? And add to it the cost of maintenance, hardware upgrades, and attending failures.

You can replace all of that with cloud services in which you can totally do away with the infrastructure costs. None of the hardware burden and all benefits of the cloud will make your business operations smooth.

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  • 3. A Centralized Network

When your information and operations are distributed here and there, it’s hard for them to work and collaborate. Instead, when you bring everything together on a cloud with a centralized network, you can save up loads of time spent searching, filing and managing the information.

  • 4. Secure Storage

Network security is one of the top essentials for any business of any type and scale. 

When you store your information in a reliable cloud platform, you can depend on them for the immense security features they have. The top cloud service providers will have multiple firewalls, VPNs, and antivirus protection to keep all of your information safe. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about that at all!

  • 5. Automatic Software Upgrades

If you’re tired of manually remembering and upgrading all of your software, then this cloud service will make your job better.

Since the cloud service provider charges include updates and maintenance, you can always rely on your software updated as and when the updates roll out.

  • 6. Scalable on Demand

One major difficulty when you’re managing your own infrastructure is the plan for scalability. When your business has an immediate and unforeseen need to increase storage, it becomes really hard.

With cloud platforms, you don’t ever have to plan for scalability. You can scale up or down as much as you wish and only pay for the space you have utilized.

  • 7. Future-Proof Technology

The landscape of IT is fast-changing. New technologies are coming up left and right to improve business operations and customer satisfaction.

At such times, migrating a cloud service is the first person to prepare yourself for what’s to come. With any improvements in storage solutions, the cloud will be at the top of it and you’ll gain access to all the cloud tech benefits. This could prove to be major leverage among your competition and position your business at the top of your industry.

  • 8. Seamless Disaster Management

We don’t want the uneventful to happen. But we need to be prepared for it. Creating a managed backup and disaster recovery system is essential for any business.

When you have a cloud service partner, the work becomes so much easier. When you have a backup on the cloud, you can continue working like nothing happened as the recovery team plans and orchestrates the restoration of the main system.

With automatic failover systems and regular backups, your usual operations won’t be affected, even in face of a disaster!

  • 9. Quick Response Time

With on-premise storage systems, there’s one constant problem when the occupied space is more – slow loading time.

This can frustrate your employees, lose valuable time, and put a deter on the operations. Since cloud systems have huge space, you can experience a much faster response time with data access, maintenance, upgrades, and other management functions.

  • 10. Holistic Services

Cloud service providers offer multiple services all of which is aimed to improve your IT operations and management. From maintenance to automatic backups and upgrades, you don’t have to worry about the technical IT side of your business.

As you work longer with such partners, they become better accustomed to your operations and systems and can function as an extended part of your in-house team and keep the cloud systems healthy and ready.


From efficiency, security, and flexibility, cloud services have covered you on all sides. As we progress in the year 2021 where remote culture is becoming a norm, having a cloud-centric business is more meaningful and useful.

If you’re looking for a good cloud service provider, then our cloud experts will be a right fit for you. We are the top internet providers and cloud service providers in Corpus Christi and can create a customized plan for your cloud services. Book a consultation session now to know more.