12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP: Key Tips

12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP: Key Tips

Faster calls, uninterrupted connection, and affordable rates.

These are some of the common reasons why many businesses are shifting to VoIP.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services allows users to make and receive calls over the internet. In times when the internet is the strongest asset for any business, VoIP calls are a welcome addition for marketing and sales.

From small businesses and startups to multinational organizations, VoIP is replacing the traditional phone systems. You can get a VoIP connection from your internet and cloud service providers

Want to know why you should make a move to VoIP? Let’s give you some compelling reasons.

12 Reasons Why You Need VoIP

We, at Layer One Networks, are one of the top internet providers working with various businesses in Corpus Christi. With our managed cloud services and internet services, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits that VoIP has brought to our clients. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the crucial reasons why you need to shift to VoIP.

  • 1. Low Cost Per Call Rate

Since VoIP uses the internet to make calls, all the communication is converted to packets of data sent over the IP network. So, you only have to pay rates that are just a fraction of the cost of making calls through telephones. 

In fact, you can even make domestic and international calls for free over the VoIP network. You don’t have to cut short your calls because you pay by the minutes. You can speak for how much ever long you need without worrying about your telephone bill rates going up.

  • 2. Conduct Business On-the-Go

Unlike traditional telephones, you aren’t tied to a single location to make calls.

You can conduct your business on the go wherever you are with just your mobile phone and an internet connection. This is especially useful for employees collaborating with each other as well as salespeople talking with clients and prospects.

  • 3. No-Fuss Installation

You don’t need to have any tech knowledge to install the basic equipment for VoIP. You just plug a few devices into the socket and switch it on to set up the internet connection or the IP phones.

You can then connect your mobiles with the network and start making VoIP calls! It’s that easy!

  • 4. Simplify Conference Calls

The concept of conference calls over VoIP was one of the mega advantages.

While you can still make conference calls with normal phone lines, you will have to pay the additional cost to your provider for that. With a VoIP network, you can make conference calls easily without any cost additions.

  • 5. Make Video Calls

The chance to speak through videos over VoIP was the biggest welcome change that helped many businesses.

You can make video calls with your employees, clients, and stakeholders irrespective of where they are. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay a boatload of money for it!

Just like how you make normal phone calls, you can make video calls over the internet too.

12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP: Key Tips

  • 6. Management of Call Features

Let’s suppose that you have a company phone number. You may get multiple calls. You can redirect the call in waiting to another number or place it in the queue or send messages to them.

VoIP calls have so many features to manage your calls efficiently and make sure that you don’t miss anyone’s call.

  • 7. High Quality of Calls

You know those times when your telephone lines get disturbed due to some local work. You don’t have to face such issues with VoIP.

With a good internet connection, which you can find anywhere in Corpus Christi, and good internet providers, you can speak as clearly as you are speaking in person.

  • 8. Highly Secure Communication

The modern VoIP network has high encryption protocols that ensure the security of the calls you make. Compared to the analog calls that were previously used by many, these have better security features to avoid any leaking.

If you want to extend this security to your IT systems, you can contact our experts providing security service in Corpus Christi.

  • 9. Connect Over Any Network

You can use any network to connect and make VoIP calls. It can be ethernet, WiFi, ATM, or SONET. 

You aren’t limited to the scope of the network or any technology when you use VoIP to make calls. You can use any set of equipment and network and eliminate the need for any traditional phone lines.

  • 10. Add Automated Answers

During the off-hours and holidays, your customers or prospects might call you. You don’t want to lose those people, right?

So, instead, you can leave automated messages that include questions that are frequently asked along with any announcements. This way, you can also find out who called you during those times and give them a callback or get their issues resolved without speaking to anybody!

  • 11. Record Customer Calls

Most businesses have the habit of recording customer calls to analyze and find out how much better they can improve their service.

With VoIP automatic call recording, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls from your customer service number. You can also include systems to upload the call to the cloud with the help of your cloud service providers.

  • 12. Make Calls Worldwide

If you’re working with people outside your country or have clients across borders, you can make and receive calls without any additional costs. 

This is one of the main advantages of using VoIP for making overseas calls to connect offices and homes from abroad and speak to them with high clarity.

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Wrapping Up

VoIP can significantly reduce the cost of your operations and simplify the way you conduct business. 

When you’re shifting to VoIP systems, you may be spoilt for choices. This is when our IT support and services can be of immense help to guide you and help you set up the network to facilitate making the VoIP calls. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you.