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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Problem: Important Business Information Left Unprotected

With the dependence of your organization on your computer systems, there is always a potential for disasters to impact the continuity of your business operations. As a result, managing your IT and other security aspects forms an essential component of your business requirements. Storing data locally leaves it at risk to threats like ransomware, fire, theft, and natural disasters.

"Weather the Storm"

Backup and Disaster RecoveryTo protect you from that, we can keep a copy of your critical business data off-site in our secure cloud. Our automated and encrypted cloud backup is maintained in highly secure data centers, ensuring that if something happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe. Even hurricanes can’t stop us; we’ve helped many of our clients “weather the storm” by protecting their systems and data.

Whether it’s man-made or natural, disasters can happen anywhere and anytime. Networks and data access can be knocked out without warning, and your brilliant plans for the day can be shut down in an instant. You can’t stop disasters from happening, but we can help you survive through data protection services.

We provide automated backups with flexible scheduling, two layers of encryption for maximum security, and fast, flexible recovery to get you back on your feet quickly if something does happen. Plus, we assure you compliance with major industry and federal regulations.

Layer One Networks has been solving IT disasters for more than 15 years. Our services encompass IT disaster recovery planning and IT resilience planning through a systematic process to prevent, predict, and manage any disruptions. We make sure you don’t get caught in the rain.

Look to us for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery.

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