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Cloud Computing

Problem: Not Being Able to Work Remotely and Securely

As businesses grow and technology advances, so does the need for more storage, more memory, and faster processing. This typically means frequent and often unexpected capital expenditures. Layer One Networks has taken all the risk and expense of those capital purchases and moved it to our datacenters. The technology is provided, in IT terms, “from the cloud.”

"Cloud computing is the delivery of services"

Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of services — from applications to storage and processing power — over the Internet. Cloud computing is used on a global basis for consumer services like Gmail or to back-up the photos on your smartphone. Large company enterprises like Netflix and Amazon host all their data and run all of their applications in the cloud.


You don’t have to be a Top 100 company, though, to gain the advantages of cloud computing. By using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer, you have access to a wider range of computer system resources and higher-level services that can be configured to your needs and immediately available with minimal management. You no longer need to worry about power outages, hardware failures, offsite backup, Internet outages, and expensive maintenance fees. You get rid of hardware and software obsolescence by maintaining the latest versions of the programs and features you need.

Just because it’s not housed locally doesn’t mean it can’t be secure. Our management of firewalls and server security assures you peace of mind and protection. We offer automated and encrypted cloud backup in highly secure data centers, ensuring that if something happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe. To further protect your critical information assets, Layer One Networks’ Managed Firewall Service includes a suite of offerings that help keep your network secure and reliable.

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