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Cloud Desktop Environment

Problem: Access to All our Data and Applications is Inconsistent

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Having a cloud desktop environment that is accessible from any browser or workstation means you will always get your own environment with all the same data and applications, no matter where you are.

The Layer One Network Managed Cloud Desktop is the base delivery of our cloud architecture.

Cloud Computing It can dramatically expand the computing capabilities of your business by providing the same features and services you already have with your current desktop, within a mobile platform that is scalable to accommodate your company’s evolving needs. Your employees can have access to their work desktop, applications, and files no matter where they are or what time it is, and the cloud desktop environment delivers universal functionality and appearance regardless of the device being used.

The Layer One Network Managed Cloud Desktop is the base delivery of our cloud architecture. From the Cloud Desktop, you can access your entire infrastructure from any web browser, effectively negating the need for a traditional desktop computer, and providing full access to current data and business applications. Your access will be through a familiar Windows desktop interface, minimizing the need for additional training, and making the transition to a Cloud Desktop nearly seamless.

With our Managed Cloud Desktop, no hardware or software is required to upgrade, all licensing needed to make the base connection is included, secure access is available anytime, anywhere, and you can connect using almost any device, including Windows, Mac, i-Devices and Android.

From a business standpoint, you will avoid costly downtime and the need to maintain application updates across multiple systems. You also gain the ability to work and access your information from anywhere and save thousands on deployment and maintenance costs.

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