IT System Integration Services (SIS) in Corpus Christi, TX

System Integration

Problem: Lots of Different Systems that Don’t always Play Well Together
Solution: System Integration

The power of your software applications lies not only in their functionality, but also in their ability to communicate with other applications so the data can flow seamlessly across systems. This improves your processes and makes your company more efficient as a whole.

"You Need More Than Just a Simple Systems Integration Tool"

System IntegrationLinking together different computing systems and software applications — physically or functionally — to act as a coordinated whole, can be a complex process — and sometimes a very frustrating one. It’s like working on a puzzle and trying to fit all the pieces in the right places. It also involves knowing how the components of your organization’s systems operate so you can get them to work together.

One of Layer One Networks’ offerings is the management and support of a subscription-based software suite, with anywhere-access to Microsoft’s industry-leading office productivity software. An Office 365 account includes email, calendaring, IM, meeting, and other communication tools, such as Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Word.

In today’s IT environment, though, you need more than just a simple systems integration tool; you need a complete integration solution to support your business. Our Managed Workstation service proactively manages and monitors each device, so we can often resolve productivity-affecting issues before they cost your company lost revenue. With our Managed Server services, we monitor your server backup, event logs, and hardware for errors, and make sure critical patches are kept up-to-date. In addition, security is adjusted as necessary to protect against new and emerging threats.

As an added service, Layer One Networks will provide support coordination for your third-party software applications. Let us remove the burden of needing to know “tech talk” to communicate with your third-party vendors. We provide you with one number to call for any applications or vendors. We act as a technical liaison to vendors and track things through to resolution. This gives you one point of contact, so you can hand everything off to us for all aspects of the issue. Our consistent communication helps to expedite things, and we provide increased efficiency because you do not have to wait online with various vendor representatives to resolve matters.

Layer One Networks’ System Integration solutions involve combining existing, often disparate systems with a focus on better performance while reducing operational costs and improving response time.

We’re experts in System Integration.

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