Adopting Kubernetes for your Business IT Infrastructure
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Adopting Kubernetes for your Business IT Infrastructure

In this era of competition, the demand from app users is getting bigger and bigger every day. Businesses are bound to offer applications with incredible quality and which can satisfy customers on various fronts of the business. Today every large enterprise is worried about its business IT infrastructure that requires supporting such high-end apps that are advanced concerning cost, capability, security, scalability, and offers customization. This is where Kubernetes comes into the space of cloud computing services.

Now you must be thinking:

What is Kubernetes?

An open-source system that divides workload through an orchestration technique and apps for servers that gather round in a data center is Kubernetes.

What is the Kubernetes advantage?

Over the years Kubernetes capabilities for enterprises have been witnessed by successful project accomplishments. It assists applications to be more functional, flexible and saves your hard-earned money as it requires lesser workforces for managing IT.

Kubernetes is a Google product that is a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNFC). CNFC brings along with itself strong engrossment and contribution from several organizations (small and large).

Why Kubernetes Should Be Your Next Infrastructure?

If you are planning to take on Kubernetes for the growth of your business then you need to know its fundamental business capacities and reasons as to why it is being adopted by enterprises.

Let’s focus on why enterprises prefer Kubernetes for their business IT infrastructure?

Ensures Enhanced Scalability and Availability

App success doesn’t depend just on its features but scalability determines the success of a particular app. Kubernetes being an orchestration system is a crucial management system to scale and enhance app performance automatically. Kubernetes auto-scaling is not only limited to infrastructure metrics but to custom metrics and all kinds of metric or resource usage metrics can be employed to boost the scaling procedure.

Excellent for Businesses

The world is incomplete without software and application development is the elementary tool for business development.

Adopting Kubernetes for your Business IT Infrastructure

Improving the quality of apps is a way to win many customers as reported by some of the organizations. Kubernetes directly contributes to these enhancements, with improved resource usage and reduced development cycles as reported by 53% of respondents. They are having more out of every penny spent and are building software faster than ever.

Kubernetes Aids in IT Cost Optimization

Kubernetes helps in reducing business infrastructure costs and can prove to be of great help for your vast scale business. It is highly competent in putting apps together which assists in optimal utilization of your cloud investments and hardware which in turn improves container-based architecture more conveniently.

Solution for the Future

Kubernetes is a convenient solution for many reasons like:

  • Every prime cloud vendor is backing Kubernetes for its offering various unusual solutions for it.
  • Many other container orchestration solutions also support the same in terms of adoption, cloud vendors’ support, and ecosystem.

Supports Your Application Run More Stable

K8s can help you out if you are looking to check whether your app is running steadily or not. What it does is that it permits you to get rolling updates to modify your software with no prevention. K8s can further be set up in such a manner that it assists in highly accessible apps. 

Highly Economical When Compared to Other Solutions

Based on your application requirements, incoming traffic and load by your app Kubernetes can easily auto-scale. With auto-scaling features during the hectic times of the year, a particular app can scale up its needed resources. This in turn will automatically reduce your infrastructure during the less loaded times of the year. 

Assists In Effective and Smooth Migration to the Cloud

Kubernetes is an ideal solution whether you are thinking to re-host, re-platform, and re-factory. As K8s runs constantly across every environment, clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premise it paves the way for porting your app on-premise to cloud hosting services smoothly.

Help You Boost up Your Productivity

You can attain the highest level of productivity if Kubernetes is well-executed into your engineering workflow. Drone and other such tools support making CI/CD pipelines swiftly and Prometheus makes the monitoring process easier. Everything is tailored precisely as per your needs with K8s massive array of technologies. Kubernetes ecosystem offers the maximum of its tools free to be used and are open-source which is a big add on benefit.

Kubernetes Cloud-native Tech Stack Attracts Talents

Adopting Kubernetes for your Business IT Infrastructure

According to reports by Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, Kubernetes is ranked 3rd and is the most preferred platform to work on. Many software engineers demand to work in companies that deploy cutting-edge technologies.

Your technology stack and procedures can be very attractive with an integrated and effective workflow for possible candidates. Also, your present workforce will get inspired to work on new technology which boosts the contentment in your development teams and can reduce member turnover in the future. In short, it’s a material benefit for your company.

Future of Kubernetes….

Kubernetes is on the verge of rising performance at present because organizations are deploying Kubernetes and due to the development of mobile apps. This is just the commencement of the new ways to adhere to the edge computing, managed cloud hosting services, and machine-learning. Kubernetes is doing a marvelous job in transforming the world and it has a long way to go.

The above-given piece of content suffices all the questions you had regarding implementing Kubernetes. Finally, it all depends on your specific needs and priorities whether you wish to deploy it or not. 

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