How to save your business money with VOIP
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How to save your business money with VOIP

How to save your business money with VOIP

It is a known fact that each one of us wants to save money and business owners are not different. They too are always searching for ways to cut their monthly expenses. If you are a business owner one of the core areas that can save you big is your business communications.

Are you troubled by costly phone lines?

Looking to improve collaboration, communication, and extend a helping hand to your distributed workforce?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be a great option for your small or medium-sized business. Now let’s learn about VOIP…

What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows sending voice signals like digital packets not on the phone lines but over the internet. Calling is no longer dependent on phone lines as VoIP enjoys good functionality for businesses at a lower cost. In short communication, expenses are much more economical than traditional phone service with this innovation.

Business VOIP providers say as VoIP calls are done through the internet there is no surcharge on these calls. There is fixed billing to the company depending upon the selected plan.

Features of business VoIP include conference calls, desk-to-desk calls, automated attendants, private branch call exchange, and even music while the call is on hold.

You must be now thinking:-

Why is it important to Cut the cord and switch to VoIP

What are the ways to save money with VOIP?

A VoIP system has many potential cost savings and principally a hosted/cloud-based solution vs. traditional phone systems, some of which are:

  1. 1. You are Remunerating for One Less Thing

VoIP on a very basic level can save your business money by removing one of the utilities that you would otherwise pay for: that is your telephone bill. As the Internet is used for transmitting data in VoIP, all you are required to pay for is your business’ Internet connection. Although there are chances that if you lose your Internet there will be issues but the cost savings over a while can make this issue less troublesome nevertheless.

  1. 2. Save Big on your Hardware

There is a requirement of an exclusive up-front hardware cost with most of the phone systems. You would also require an auto-attendant, auto-attendant hardware, and installation fees if your company has a traditional phone system. Also, you are forced to purchase additional hardware, if you need to add a second auto-attendant to another location.

While with VoIP, you have complete freedom to update or change your system in real time. This is possible without any additional installation or purchases. Without any add-on expenses or hardware requirement, you can add users or phones instantly, route calls to any location, update IVRs, etc.

  1. 3. VoIP is More Competent

You many find repeated calls from customers and clients coming in for help and other varied requests, often addressing similar topics concerning your industry. Some VoIP clarifications permit you to provide your customers and clients with an auto-attendant recording that walks them through the process that is worrying them. As a result, they are content. And also your employees don’t need to deal with disruptions throughout the day allowing them to be more fruitful during the time you compensate them to be there

  1. 4. Mobility Factor

If you have a traditional landline phone you are bound to be at your desk for fear of missing an important phone call. If you plan to move your office even across the room or town you need to manually reroute your phone number to your new location.

While with VoIP your number signifies your account and not your physical location so it can easily travel wherever you go. As long as you have an IP connection at your preferred location, a VoIP system identifies it as a handset and you are ready to move.

Also, VoIP takes a step further in mobility by employing smartphone apps, making your mobile phone an addition to your network, which permits you to take business calls on your smartphone no matter wherever you may be.

  1. 5. Easy to Set-up and Maintain

Although technical, VoIP systems are easier set-up and maintained that reduces the cost to recruit a team of experts. It is as easy as downloading a few applications into your business’ computer system directly.

Other systems can be installed via adaptors which changes analog signals into digital signals, the mode of communication of the VoIP. As these adaptors are plug-and-play type and small, there is no need to invest more money and time into setting up and establishing a VoIP system.

  1. 6. Avail Advanced Features

VOIP saves small businesses and mid-sized businesses as they appear well established and larger with no extra cost.  Business VOIP providers offer such advanced features.

Features like call routing, auto-assistant, presence, music on hold, find-me-follow-me, and many more help businesses appear more capable and professional of exceptional customer service- which always increases business.

  1. 7. Save on Calling Fees

As the IP telephony links call over the Internet, businesses using VoIP escape paying any interstate or any long distance fees. Moreover, international calls can be done at half the rate of traditional landline-based communications.

  1. 8. Regular Free Upgrades

As the technology keeps on upgrading, phone systems need regular updates, which are your responsibility if you owe a traditional phone system. While with VoIP, these upgrades are covered by your business VOIP providers, and you can always have access to best-of-the-line equipment.

  • 9. Security

This feature doesn’t save you money directly but it can save you from losing money down the line. VoIP can function through an encrypted VPN connection adding more security for customer service calls and your business.

These are some of the ways VoIP can be big cost savings for businesses regardless of their size. However, it is important to pick the correct vendor for VoIP services ensuring the best match for your specific business requirements.

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