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IT + Customer Service. How Much Does It Really Matter?


What’s the first thing you look for in an IT company? Is it fantastic, blow-your-house-down internet speed? Is it a group of tech-savvy computer wizards who you’re sure could invent time travel if only they had enough power cables? Or maybe you just picked the coolest-looking business on the block, who may or may not actually know how to find the ESC key. (Maybe they had a penguin on a skateboard in their logo. We’re not judging you.)

But there are better ways to pick your IT company. After all, they’re going to be up close and personal with the machines you use to run your business every day, and you want to be sure they know what they’re doing.

And in our humble opinion, stellar customer service should be the first thing you look for in a new IT company.

Here’s why:


A great IT company doesn’t make you fit their checklist—they fit your needs instead. With great customer service, you’ll get what you need the first time you ask for it, not the seventh, and without a hassle. By providing a range of options, and then listening to our customer’s feedback, here at Layer One we pride ourselves on being able to offer personalized service that fits our capabilities to your needs.

Reliable Assistance

Who wants to sit on hold for two hours to solve a simple problem? We certainly don’t, and we know our customers don’t either. An IT company with great customer service will do a double-backflip over this issue, and land with a flourish, by providing a wide range of contact options for their customers and keeping responses quick and efficient.

Problem Solvers

It seems like a low bar, but you want your IT company to actually be able to solve your problems, not just patch them over or send you on to the next representative so you can try to explain the issue one more time. At Layer One, we pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of the issue in record time—and then fixing it once and for all.

Cultivate Trust

An IT company with great customer service is one you can trust, plain and simple. If you know your IT team cares about you and your team as people, you know they’ll act with your best interests in mind. An IT team has a lot of responsibility, from keeping your sensitive data safe to ensuring that your business stays up and running, so you want to have a team you can trust.

At Layer One, customer service and support is our highest priority. We don’t just want to help you get back to work—we want to ensure that you never have to experience a break in service in the first place. If you need help, we want you to know we’ve got your back before you even have to ask.

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