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Moving to The Cloud? Read This First.

It’s no secret—cloud computing is the future of business technology. Gone are the days of jump drives of unusual size in a storeroom somewhere. Instead, all over the world, businesses large and small are in the process of transferring their IT systems and processes to live on the cloud, that great big database in the sky.


The reasons for this shift are simple: it’s safer, easier, and cheaper than hosting your systems in-house. With the technology available today, moving to the cloud is the logical next step for IT management for businesses of any size.

Here’s what you need to know about moving to the cloud:

You’ll Have to Plan Ahead

During a major transition like this, it’s essential to stay organized. You can’t just decide one day to move all your data onto the internet without planning carefully, doing your research, and consulting an expert. You’ll want to ensure you’ve found the right combination of data storage capacity, management options, and security to fit your needs. (Or, you could just let us handle that part.) Then, you’ll need to create a timeline for which systems will get transferred when, and where they will go once transferred.

Start Simple

The first systems to transition to the cloud should be those that have the least users and can therefore be transferred the most easily. This can also make it easier to transition your team into using the new platform, since you’ll be disrupting a smaller number of workflows and can troubleshoot more easily. Then, when it comes time to bring the rest of your team on board, you’ll have a baseline for handling any integration issues that might occur.

Take Security Measures

As you transition, it’s essential to take security measures every step of the way and ensure that your new cloud has industry standard security measures in place. Not all clouds are the same, and some are certainly better than others. A good cloud platform will have a track record of uptime, top-of-the-line security standards, and be constantly updating to stay one step ahead. If you have incredibly sensitive information, you can even opt for a private or hybrid cloud model as an extra precaution.

Plan for Growth

Part of choosing the right cloud computing platform is being able to accurately predict your short-term and long-term growth. You’ll need to know how your storage and management features will need to scale in the future in order to accommodate your growing business. Don’t just make decisions on storage space and processing capability based on where your business is today—take into account where you want to be five years from now as well. You’ll want to be able to expand at will without having to go through a lengthy switch or changing providers entirely.

Pro tip: With Layer One’s managed cloud hosting services, it’s super easy to add more space!

For those who haven’t made the switch to the cloud, these are just a few things to keep at the forefront of your mind. If you’re ready to make the switch, contact Layer One Networks today. We make the transition easy—so you can get back to work.