Weather Advisory: Preparing for Tropical Depression Twenty-Two

Weather Advisory: Preparing for Tropical Depression Twenty-Two


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Weather Advisory: Preparing for Tropical Depression Twenty-Two

Updated: 9/18/2020 10:00
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(Source: The Weather Channel)
As of 10AM Central time, Tropical Depression Twenty-Two is projected to become Tropical Storm Wilfred before making landfall along the Texas coast early next week. The strength and direction of the storm is still unknown.

These weather conditions may lead to power loss and possible flooding in certain areas, so we would like to provide guidance on how to prepare for the storm from a technology perspective.

Data Protection

Layer One Networks Cloud Services customers that use our Cloud Desktop and Cloud Server services and that store company data in our secure data center are already protected. No further action is needed.

Layer One Networks Managed Services customers with on-premise servers that subscribe to our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services are already protected. No further action is needed.

Customers that self manage their technology should confirm that backups are in place and verify those backups before the end of the day today. By verify, we recommend restoring data from a recent backup and make sure that it is viable.

Power Protection

Power fluctuations during a storm are a common cause of hardware damage. At minimum, we recommend that our customers shutdown all non-critical desktops, laptops and other electronic devices over the weekend. For added protection, consider unplugging the surge protector from the wall and disconnect the network cable (also commonly referred to as the Cat5/6 cable) from the computer. Layer One Networks Support can optionally schedule an automatic shutdown of these systems this evening upon request.

On-premise servers must stay up an running for many of our customers so they can conduct business during the storm. Servers typically have better power protection than other devices and may already be configured to shutdown automatically in the event of a power loss. However, if your business can survive without servers over the weekend, and if you would like to be extra cautious, you can request that our Support Team schedule an automatic shutdown of your servers this evening.

Environmental Protection

We recommend that all electronic devices be raised at least 6″ off the ground to prevent contact with pooling water. This applies to all devices, not just those on the 1st floor.

To help protect devices from the water damage, consider covering them with a plastic bag once they are turned off and have had time to cool down. ) This will help protect the devices from water dripping from the ceiling or from water blown in through a broken window. Never power on or operate an electronic device while it’s covered with plastic. It’s a fire hazard.

In most cases, we do not recommend that customers physically move their servers, desktops or other non-mobile devices from their office to another location. Historically, we have seen more damage to systems caused by customers dropping them or by placing them in the back of a car that then drives through a flooded intersection. Unplug them, raise them off the floor and cover them up, but avoid moving them if possible.

Please contact Layer One Networks Technical Support at or 361-653-6800 x2 you have any questions about preparing your technology for the storm, or if you would like to schedule an automatic shutdown of your systems.

(All of the above statements are the opinion of Layer One Networks and should be taken in consideration along with the needs of the business, guidance from business owners/managers, insurance requirements and directions from government officials.)

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